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A couple more pages for my Sweet Shoppe portfolio.

I have decided that this is my new favorite font. I love all of Jellyka’s fonts (especially for art collages), but when it comes to my photo layouts I prefer nice, clean lettering. Isn’t it a great one?



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Photoshop Tutorial *Knock-off Depth of Field*

Ok, so I really love photographs with creative depth of field, but my camera offers limited settings beyond portrait and micro modes. Such a shame, but Photoshop never fails to come to my rescue. Here’s how I fake it.

Here are the before and after images. I love images like this with the focus on a single baby body part. Unfortunately this is not my baby. Another shame. No, I had to shamelessly borrow this image from GenevieveAlbert.

So, beginning image:

ARGH! The cuteness is too much! Taking a moment to recover…

Ok, duplicate this layer. Either right-click on the layer and choose ‘duplicate layer…’, or click and drag the layer down to the ‘create a new layer’ button at the bottom of your layers palette.

Apply a gaussian blur to this duplicated layer. You need to create a decent blur but make sure you can still detect the image. No over-kill needed.

Now add a layer mask by clicking this button at the bottom of your layers palette.

Make sure your mask, and not your photo, is selected by clicking on the mask rectangle.

Now select a circle brush and set it roughly the size of the part of the photo that you want the focus to be on. Set the brush hardness to zero, and click on the area of the photo that you’re choosing to focus on. At this point you will probably do a few trial and errors till you get the look you want. Experiment with brush sizes and locations till you’re happy with the results.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and find it useful!


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