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Friday Night Movies – Sherlock Holmes

As I was sitting in class this morning thinking about what movie John and I should watch tonight, I was reminded that I didn’t review LAST Friday’s movie, which was Sherlock Holmes. I really wanted to do this one too because I enjoyed it so much.

So, two words… Jude and Law.

Now, because I didn’t choose this movie, I can not be accused to renting it for this reason alone. Though it is a good enough reason to do so. Oh, my dear, darling, adorable Mr. Watson. I will admit my crazy crush on Jude, but only because he is the only celebrity I have a crush on. Absolute truth. I think John is ok with this because he has his own.

I first fell in love with took note of Jude in The Talented Mr. Ripley. Very dashing.

And of course as the adorable, vulnerable and faithful Inman. W.P Inman. “Repeatin’ a thing doesn’t improve it.” Ah, Inman. You are too precious for words.

Word is that the part of Watson almost went to Colin Farrell. Shoot, what a tragedy that would’ve been!

Oh yeah, Holmes is played by Robert Downey Jr. Whatever.

I wasn’t expecting it to be a 2 hour movie, but it was full of action and super quirky dialogue. Another great thing is that it was clean enough for Johnny (11 years old) to watch the next day. Pretty violent, but no sex or language. And he loved it, let me tell you. All the science and logic won him over.

I was able to find a collection of classic Sherlock Holmes e-books online for free. These are all public domain now which is pretty friggin’ cool. I intend to print one out for Johnny to read and see how that goes. He’s smart, but sometimes the language of these older books is a bit much too much handle.

I am now taking movie suggestions for tonight should you care to cast your opinion.

Have a super weekend! Take time to play with your kids, read in bed and snuggle with your significant other. As long as you have clothes on your back and clean dishes to eat off of, the rest of the housework can wait.



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Friday Night Movie – 2012

Our movie this Friday was a much-anticipated film, 2012. You know, the whole ‘we were warned’ by the fact that the Mayan calander ends in the year 2012. If you read through the cast list at the IMDB link you’ll see the massive list of stars.

Very Independence-Day’sh, only without aliens and Will Smith humor. Instead we get John Cusack humor, and the only alien would be Woody Harrelson who plays a messed-in-the-head independent radio host who lives in a trailer and knows the truth that the rest of the world has been hidden from. A sort of prophet, if you will.

If I said I didn’t want to see this just for the mass-destruction scenes, I would be lying. And good women only lie when someone else’s life is at stake. The scenes were VERY impressive. I was doing the whole ‘whoa!’ and ‘watch out!’ thing from the edge of the couch. Here’s when 1/2 the state of California falls off into the ocean.

Some of these scenes got rediculously long, and some of the believeablity was lost as the scenes worn on, but over all the graphics were great and when your kids are upstairs not fighting and not coming down every 2 minutes, why in the world would I complain?

Fancast put together a nice 5 min. preview for us.

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Friday Night Movie – The Box


“I have an offer to make. If you push the button, two things will happen. First, someone, somewhere in the world, whom you don’t know, will die. Second, you will receive a payment of one million dollars. You have 24 hours.”

Last night we watched The Box, staring Cameron Diaz and James Marsden. I was really looking forward to it because I recognized it right away as a remake of The Twilight Zone’s Button, Button. I remember sitting on the floor of my livingroom in my jammies watching this movie as a child and have gotten it out of my head. I had high hopes.

Six words: Cameron Diaz with a Virginian accent. This threw me off right away, but I’ll admit that it wore on me and it had the effect of making me forget who she even was. So kudos to Cameron for breaking out of her stereotype.

James Marsden. Had trouble placing him. Oh yeah! How could I forget Prince Edward?

I won’t post spoilers, but let’s just say I’m glad I took a nap that afternoon because it was longer and more complicated than it needed to be, but since I never complain about about an evening curled up  next to John in a dark room, I give it an 8.

Also, we had peanut butter cheesecake.

Time to give homage to the original… watch it on You Tube  (posted in several parts, but this is the first one)

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