Baby Doll Diaper

It’s the Made by You Monday party at Skip to My Lou and I finally have something to share, besides cookies. This is actually Cindy’s pattern for baby doll diapers and it’s a total life money-saver. Eden has all these baby dolls and always wants diapers for them, but the store-bought toy diapers that will fit them are a rediculous price. They also don’t last because the tabs lose their stickiness. I’ve bought real baby newborn diapers (the super tiny ones) and even those are too big and go all the way up to the chest of the poor doll.

This was eeeeeeeeeeeeeasy.

Baby Doll Diaper Pattern

Simple design…

…and it fits! 

Since the tabs are velcro they don’t lose their stickiness and you can make them out of all kinds of fabrics and patterns. I made another one out of pink fleece for a Build-a-Bear too. This one was made with an old pair of my flannel jammies… hence the coffee theme, lol!

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4 responses to “Baby Doll Diaper

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for leaving such a nice comment. LOVE the baby diaper. I will have to remember this one. At the moment my little one doesn’t care about whether or not her babies have diapers! I guess that will change!

  2. al

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Love the diaper project. I shall add it to my to do list

  3. Becky

    Oh my goodness! I LOVE it! Will have to make some of those for Hannah.

  4. That’s so cute!! What a great idea!

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