Kirstie Alley, comic style

After watching an episode of Kirstie Alley’s Big Life with me, Johnny drew this…

It was the episode where Jim is sick and Kirstie gets really tired of taking care of him. She was making dinner and he kept asking her for all kinds of things.

Jim, through the speakerphone: “Can I have an extra blanket?”

Kirstie, while chopping veggies: “Ok”

2 minutes later…

Jim: “Can I have a pizza?”

Kirstie: “Fine.”

Jim: “Can I have a…”

Kirstie: “Would you stop calling!?!”

Jim: lying in bed with magazines and a pizza box: “Why?”

Kirstie driving her chef’s knife into the chopping board: “Ahh!”

He is cracking me up with all these comics! He also informed me this morning that there are two F-words and I can’t for the life of figure out what the other one could be. Any ideas???


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