Flickr Friday

I’ve had this in my Flickr favorites for a long time and I can’t remember why. Either it inspired me to make something similar or I just thought it was adorable (which it is). Either way it is now making me think of my youngest and her love/hate relationship with a current loose tooth. She is dying for it to come out and it’s not ready. She says it’s “driving her crazy”. She laid in bed for (no joke) an HOUR last night, trying to wiggle it free. She did this with her last tooth and after about an-hour-and-a-half I went up there and yanked it out myself. Unfortunately, this one is not ready for such violence.

Tooth Christmas Ornaments by thecupcakery girl



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3 responses to “Flickr Friday

  1. 🙂 thanks for featuring my photo!

    I hope your little one loses her tooth soon. Growing up is hard, takes too much patience! haha 🙂

    I have some tooth fairy pillows in my shop let me know if you want one and I’ll give you free shipping on it! ❤

  2. Love these! Very cute! Reminds me of the Tooth Fairy.

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