Flickr Friday

The temps are getting warmer not as deadly cold, but it’s still grey and brown in southern Michigan, so I did a search for springy-yellowy goodness. It’s encouraging, but maddening at the same time. And if my dogs drag in any more of that melted-snow-slush-mud stuff I’m going to restock animal control.

1. Yellow Spring 2, 2. Summer, spring, flower, yellow, 3. Spring yellow, 4. yellow flowers, 5. Spring flowers, 6. Spring Flower, 7. Fuzzy Yellow Baby Chick, 8. 063-366 My Peeps, 9. Honey Bee at work, 10. Sundressed, 11. Untitled, 12. daisies and hearts, 13. rainy day stripes, 14. jaune, vous avez dit jaune ?, 15. Yellow Bench, Montour Trail, 16. Umbrella (blue and yellow always match- II)


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