Nibbles of Goodness

Audio Goodness

Tried, unsuccessfully, this week to make my much-thought-over Peanut Butter and Jelly ice cream. I’ve been thinking about it for probably a year. I’ve made homemade ice cream a few times so I think I’m an expert. Let’s just say Breyers won’t be buying the rights to it anytime soon. Gonna take another stab at it, but it may take another year. I’d kinda hate to break tradition by doing anything in a timely manner. If I ever get it to work, you will definately hear about it.

Spiritual Goodness

I’ve been following Kristen’s journey to Kenya to meet her Compassion International children and I still don’t quite know how to respond. Her words and photos are incredible. While I’m processing it all I will tell you what she said that stopped me dead in my tracks,

 “Sponsorship rescues [these children] from poverty, but it has rescued me from wealth.”

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