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Since my unexpected hiatus from coffee, I have fallen in love with this tea. Not all teas are created equal, as I am learning. Even if you are not a tea-lover, try this. I add a little honey to it.

Today Johnny has a spelling bee and I have no reason to believe that he will NOT throw it. He is only part of this torture because his teacher insists. She knows he needs to be pushed into things, and I agree 100 %. Pointlessly standing on stage and speaking into a microphone is right up there with having his teeth pulled and getting a flu shot. Simultaneously.

Speaking of my amazing eldest, check out his new site. He is crazy proud of it.


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  1. Karen

    I haven’t tried this flavor but I LOVE their Vanilla Almond………just haven’t been able to find it for quite a while and now I’m completely out 😦

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