Dates with Eden

I found some of my old art books in the basement today. You know how we always say that it’s ‘the little things’ that are important? When Johnny was in school and Eden was home all day with me, we would have a ‘date’ every morning. Our one-on-one, no distractions time.

Date with Eden – 03/14/06 (4 years old)

Eden in her ‘jammies’ (a t-shirt, Johnny’s old Scooby Doo sweatshirt, a pair of white tights), frazzled bed-head hair, bright eyes, alert face, pink blankie, precious little girl.

First we read a story she’d picked out an hour earlier. I told her mommy needs her coffee & breakfast first. I hope that’s not mean. I don’t think it is. We read the book and I try to teach the concept of rhyme.

Me: See, ‘money’ and ‘bunny’ . Don’t they sound the same?

Her: No

Me: Well, don’t they sound sorta the same?

Her: Yeah, sorta.

Me: Ok, good. That’s called rhyming.

Then we play ‘Mommy and Eden’ which means that she is the mom and I am the child. As soon as we switch roles she promptly says, “Honey, I’m sorry, I have to go to a meeting.” She puts on a blue headband (from her Cinderella costume – Halloween 2005) that skews her bangs and forms a bubble on the back of her head. She puts on an old ring I gave her yesterday that I’ve lost all love for.

Now she loves it.

Now she is ready for her meeting. She leaves the room and is back in 45 seconds.

Her: Hi, honey! I’m back!

Me: Mommy! I missed you so much! What did you do at your meeting?

Her: Oh, I made a craft… and I did scrapbooking.

She hugs the kitty till I have to tell her stop. She makes a pretend house and says, “I’m in my house!”

Me: Cool. Do you know your address?

Her: Yup.

Me: Well what is it?


She is silly and smart and I’m not sure she realizes either. She has fun ideas that revolve around her. She has nutso hair and mismatched clothes.

She is all I’ve ever wanted in a girl.

We turn on Mariah Carey ‘Emotions’ and dance, dance, dance. I wish I was light enough to spin and flip as crazy as she does. We hold hands – we dance seperately.

She has tucked the cat under the covers of her bed. The weird cat stays.

All of a sudden she’s ready for ‘Wrestle Mania’. She assumes the position, a Karate Kid pose, then lunges at me. I take my glasses off… this girl is in complete character. We each choose stuffed animals to be our ‘body guards’ and I suddenly remember what it was like to play with a certain 3-year-old boy.

I have totally forgotten about all of this.


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