My new Facebook friend, Tonya, just brought home her first Scottie yesterday which got me thinking about London as a puppy. I decided to take a trip down memory lane (do you think there really is a Memory Lane somewhere? Now I have to go look it up.) and pull up London’s baby pictures. Oh man was she ever cute!  I mean, she still is, but not in a I-wanna-pinch-your-cheeks kinda cute. Right now she’s more of a I-wanna-squeeze-you-to-death kinda cute, which is something that would be very traumatic to a puppy. She was about 12 weeks old in these pictures.

Once I got going I couldn’t stop, so this post is ridiculously image heavy. You have been warned. I will not be offended (nor even know) if you skip to the next blog on your list at this point, but I think Tonya will appreciate it. There is a certain camaraderie between Scottie owners (and some other specific breeds of dogs). They’re just so spunky and stubborn and unique (the dogs, not the people. Though that could be true as well). So here goes…

First day at home.

Cute profile. Scotties are one dog that you HAVE to have profile pictures of.

Mommy #2. Eden was so obsessed that we had to set boundary rules.

Checking out her new street

More cuteness


She has her tongue sticking out in this one... adorable! If you click/enlarge the image you can see it better.

This one of my favorites. She just looks so tiny in the world.

Held captive.

More of Eden and London.

Do you see why we needed to set rules about E's time with the dog? At least in this one she appears to be benefiting.

Playing in the leaves

See? I DO have another child. Johnny with London.

This is one of my ALL TIME favorite pictures of my pets... enjoying a good brushing. Probably the last time she enjoyed being brushed.

The new neighborhood mascot.

And there ya go.


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