The Pigeon’s First Christmas

Clearly a tribute to our favorite pigeon.

The Pigeon’s First Christmas – by Eden Fowler – age 7

Hello! It’s Christmas. I know!

It’s Christmas! I am so excited. Ha! Do you want to help me put up the Christmas tree and decorate? Sure? Thanks! Because I can not put it up. I do not know how because this is my first Christmas. (note that the tree is coming from a box)


Wow. This is much heavier than I imagined.

Woah. That was the heaviest thing I ever lifted in my life. Now, who wants to hang the ornaments? Me!! Okay, let’s go and get the ornaments from the basement.

Aww, man! Another thing? Hhh, okay. Let’s decorate the Christmas tree.

Wow, this is so much fun! I love my first Christmas ever!

All done. Now I can go and play. Or sleep. I will pick sleep. Good night.



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