Eden’s Christmas Wish List 2009

(New blog. First post. Shouldn’t I be wearing a party hat or something? You are reading a continuation of my previous blog…)

This was presented to me Sunday morning (run through mom’s spellchecker)

Eden’s Christmas List

  1. PSP or DSi. Purple.
  2. Felicity the American Girl Doll. So cool.
  3. A new snowglobe for my snowglobe collection
  4. Hannah Montana the Movie CD or movie
  5. Princess hair accessories vanity
  6. My own laptop. Pink laptop. Cute!
  7. My very, very, very own Kaboodle
  8. A very bright pink, dark pink rug
  9. a light, light, light pink notebook
  10. Wii Fit
  11. DS. Pets Nursery game
  12. Imagine Sweet 16 DS game
  13. Littlest Pet Shop DS game
  14. Splaster game






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2 responses to “Eden’s Christmas Wish List 2009

  1. Becky

    I LOVE the very very very descriptive words.

    And holy cow, the girl has some fine taste. 😉

    This list helps Auntie B some too!

  2. She doesn’t want much does she mama? How cute. Sure wish I could meet you and the kids someday.

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