My Special Hat by Eden Fowler

Eden’s class recently did a writing project where they were to write about an object that is very special to them. They were to write very detailed descriptions. Eden’s was very detailed, just not about the hat. Most of the kids had about 4-5 sentences (I know because I was in there helping one day). Hers was 3 pages.

My Special Hat (spelling corrected by mom)

My special hat makes me feel like a taxi driver. It is so special. Here, I’ll tell you the story.

Ring! Ring! It’s time to get up! It’s the big day! I got up and walked downstairs. Everybody was downstairs. They were all sitting downstairs on the couch and chair. My dad and brother were already dressed, but mom was not. I sat with my mom on the chair. I said, “We’re going to Colorado today!” I said, “I am very excited.” Soon we packed the rest up in the suitcase. Then me and my mom got dressed. We got our shoes on and drove to the airport. We got in line for the flight. We got through the important stuff and security and we headed for the airplane. We got in the airplane and we buckled in for the flight to Colorado. And we went in the air to Colorado. It took about three hours to get to the other airport and we got out of the airplane. We walked to the airport. We went to the bathroom and came out and walked to where the bus is and we drove to where we rent your car. And we got a Hummer. A Hummer is kind of like a truck. So you get the idea? “It is so cool, mom.” I said.

We are visiting our aunt and uncle and cousins. We drove to their friend’s house. It was their birthday. After the birthday party we went to their house. I slept in my cousins room, Hannah. She is very nice. She was three years old and she had curly hair. She loves to play. We went to the zoo and we went camping together.

I have a cousin named Tyler and Hannah and an aunt named Aunt Becky and uncle named Jason.

We went to the mall. I got some stuff like a wallet, glasses and, most importantly, my special hat! (I did not have the hat yet.) I bought the hat, then we went back to their house. Soon, it was time to go back home. We flew home and said, “Hi” to our things. And that is the story.


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