Johnny’s Life on Paper

I’m not sure how well these scans will appear, but I just had to try to share this school assignment Johnny has worked on. The pictures are SO funny. The project was to create a timeline that started from his birth to present and to document 10 significant things that have happened throughout his life.

Here are his 10 things

  1. Sept. 23, 1998. I was born
  2. 2001. I first get on the computer
  3. December 2001. I bought my first pet, a goldfish
  4. July 2001. We moved into our first house
  5. January 2002. I played my first video game
  6. July 2002. My sister was born.
  7. 2002. I bought my first Bionicle
  8. 2004. I learned how to ride a bike
  9. June 2004. I lost my first tooth
  10. June 2007. My first rollercoaster ride

Try to see these pictures. They are cracking me up. (Oh, and he got an A. Of course.)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic



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4 responses to “Johnny’s Life on Paper

  1. OMG…he is a brilliant artist and a wit to boot. I love him.How’ve you been?Steph

  2. This child has a great mind. How cute are those pictures. Tell him he did a great job.

  3. Those are hilarious – love the bike one. He’s got his mother’s artistic talent, for sure!

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