I LOVE having a babysitter…

Besides having a few hours away from the drama of parenting, I get to come home and find this…


Aww! It’s cracking me up to see so many pics of London sporting the hideous haircut that Petsmart gave her, and Maggie sporting the absense of a haircut. They are just about as opposite from one another as our kids are. You know, as much as I complain about all the work they create for me, I really adore these canine monsters. They worship the ground I walk on (can’t possibly complain about that) and when the kids are in school they keep me company. I love walking them. When I lay down on the floor Maggie RACES races over to me and flops her whole body down on mine. (I push her off and she is then happy to lay just her muzzle on my calf. Reminds me of the woman in the bible who reaches through the crowd to touch just the hem of Jesus’s garment.) London tries to appear that she could care less, but eventually wanders over and curls up in the crook my legs and tummy make.

Now, if only I could stop the little one from digging in the backyard and the big one from slathering my hand in her slobber when I pet her.


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  1. We should try to get you some footage of Major Tom and Sprinkles of Love. They’re a riot.How can Eden be six years old and I missed it!? I didn’t remember that her birthday was in July, not fast enough anyway :/Love to all xo

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