You will be seeing a lot of these untill the newness wears off 🙂

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I just made an pot of extra-strong coffee, as she decided to get up at 4:00 this morning and was ready to go. Yaaaaawn. Maybe after the kids go to school I can run her around, make her tired and then put her in her kennel for a few while I get some shut-eye. Need to give her a bath too and disinfect my kitchen floor, ha! Maggie would NOT pee in her cage at night, this one doesn’t seem to be able to hold it for that long. I’m going to go pick up a bunch of white towels today so I can keep one in her cage and clean up with them and then bleach them. She and Maggie are still getting used to one another. This puppy wants to play, but I don’t think Mags takes it that way. She’s trying to show her dominance by smacking her paw down on her and pinning her to the ground. Darn dog. So we’ve been giving her lots of treats and special attention, and after the day is said and done, Tinkerbell crawls up in my bed and wants special attention too. I swear it’s almost like having babies again, lol! It’s fun though. I’m enjoying myself (remind me I said that when London is crying and squeaking at 4:00 am tomorrow).


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