Introducing Lady London

Today one of my (nearly) life-long dreams came true. I have my very own Scottish Terrier and I’m over the moon. I grew up with an adorable Scottie and when I was about 13 I decided that whenever I was an adult and had my own house I would have a black Scottie of my own. Off and on over the last couple years I’ve thought more and more about it. Even contacted the breeder last winter and backed out at the last minute because I knew it wasn’t the right time. Something just didn’t feel right. Long story short, my 30th birthday is fast approaching (no comments) and John decided this would be the perfect gift for me. We contacted the breeder several weeks ago and she actually had 3 black female puppies for me to choose from (last winter there was a waiting list). We drove 3 hours to the western side of the state and picked her up today.

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London was the name Eden came up with (from Zack and Cody). I had some other ideas picked out, but after we met her none of them seemed to match her. This name is perfect. She is sweet, sweet, sweet. Really cuddly and let me hold her in the van for a good 1/2 hour (peed all over me) and didn’t cry the rest of the way home.

I fully believe in kennel-training, so we’ll see how tonight goes. So far Maggie seems to keep her from whining. Maggie started whining and the puppy calmed right down. Must be some kind of doggie language going on there. Almost like Maggie calling out, “Solidarity, sister!”. Tinkerbell is NOT impressed with yet another dog on her turf. She’ll still have the house to herself at night though, so I’m not worried.

I’m in looooooooooooooooove. (and have already warned John that I will be putting a plaid sweater on this dolly).


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