Forgot to post birthday stuff…

My baby turned five last week, eek! There is this thing happening inside where I can’t quite remember what life was like w/o this whirlwind in our house, but it also seems like she just arrived, like she is the ‘new’ addition to the Fowler household. It’s so weird.

But, now she’s five. She can write her name, ride a two-wheeler, brush her teeth and pour juice. She knows how to be a good friend (most of the time) and how to annoy her brother (to death) and how to put on the charm for daddy.

The girl also LOVES seafood. I mean, seriously loves it. When we asked her where she wanted to have her birthday dinner she didn’t even blink before she delcared Red Lobster. We ordered her The Ultimate Feast (all Red Lobster goers know this one). She ate crab legs, lobster, shrimp and (in her words) “just a little baked potato”. I made strawberry and chocolate chip cupcakes… she was a friggin’ queen, I tell ya.

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