Making amends to my dd

I used to do this with Johnny when I felt like he was needing extra mommy time. I’ve never done it with Eden and I felt it was time for Mommy and Eden’s DAY OF FUN! (said in my best Janice voice. “Janice and Joey’s DAY OF FUN!”) Sometimes in the busyness of everyday life this overbearing little girl get’s pushed aside… and being the spit fire that she is she get’s crabby and rude and nasty. It’s true. So we had a day of fun yesterday. I forced myself to stay off of the computer all day and we did WHATEVER she wanted to do. Some of it was painful, I tell ya. Some of it was super sweet. She ate it up with spoon. She hasn’t been this funny or sweet in weeks.

8:00- We eat breakfast together at the table. We never do this. She eats while I watch the news. She watches cartoons while I eat in front of the computer.

8:20- We head up to her room (her decision) where I endure an hour of playing ‘kitty’ ‘doggy’ and ‘horsey’. This means that we pretend to be these different animals. This is my LEAST favorite game EVER… major points to mom for the sacrifice.

9:30- Eden watches 30 min. of cartoons while I take a shower and dry my hair

10:00- Doll House. Not a bad game to play, except that she is the boss and none of my ideas count. Whatever.

10:30- Into the van where Eden get’s to pick whatever she wants to listen to. She picks Nicole Nordeman. Head to the library where we get all news books, videos, play with the puppets, do all the puzzles and make a friend with the boy who was playing with the Little People.

11:00- Stop at Tim Hortons for a snack. Mom grabs a bran muffin, Eden has a sprinke doughnut and we share an orange juice. The camera phone comes out and we take pictures of kissing each other.

11:45- Hit the grocery store because she wanted Stouffers mac-n-cheese for lunch. Eden’s rides in the much-coveted TV Kart.

12:30- Stop at Blockbuster on the way home where she is allowed to pick any video she wants. We walk out with a Trollz movie.

12:40- Mac-n-cheese’s go in the microwave. Mom takes a phone call from Nana Dolly, otherwise we would’ve eaten together. Eden sits next to me while I eat, even though she is done, because she said it’s our special day and we should be together.

1:00- look in a hamster book we got from the library and decide to feed our tiny pets some grapes. Very funny watching them try to hold those things.

1:15- movie goes in. we snuggle under a quilt in the La-Z-Boy and mom takes a much needed nap (had been up since 5:30)

2:30- discover that the Trollz movie has DVD rom extras. spend time making printable bookmards and cards. Eden makes a card for daddy since she doesn’t see him all day on Thursdays.

3:20- our special day is pretty much over after Johnny and Max get home from school, but she doesn’t seem to care. She is happy to play on the computer while mom watches Oprah and does her Biggest Loser exercise challenges.

The whole rest of the day this girl is SO sweet and snuggly and kind. The day was a success.


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