Making Progress…

Going into week 2 of my weight loss journey (ha! I say that as if this is a totally new venture, but really I’ve started this ‘journey’ about a half dozen times over the last few years.) I am very encouraged. Usually I’m losing steam about now. But I’m finding this to be easy, if it’s ok to say that. Down 7 1/2 pounds, not hungry, learning a lot and moving a lot. I’m choosing to document this process with simple pages.

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I can not say enough good things about this book.

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Instead of just counting calories, I’m putting some of what I’m learning from this book into action and I’m seeing results. I’m not hungry all the time, I’m not thinking about food all the time, and I’m not missing food. I’m eating mostly whole grains and lots of fresh food and doing plenty of basic strength training. It’s working great!

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