Lazy Saturday…

Well, not really lazy since I am trying to meet a deadline and have been glued to my computer screen for ages… but it feels very relaxed and I’m in my robe with a hot cup of coffee. So it’s all good.

Speaking of deadlines, I have been working SO much in the past 2 months and the kids have really been doing a lot of things w/o mommy. I told them last month that after I was finished with the first project that I would take them out shopping for a ‘really big toy’, lol! Boy, kids can forget a lot of things (like brushing their teeth before bed and putting their dirty clothes away and to use a napkin instead of their shirt at the dinner table) but when you promise them toys they do NOT experience any kind of memory lapse. They waited as patiently as they could and today was the big day. Johnny bought a rediculous amount of Lego’s. That kid seriously needs to broaden his horizons. He just finished building one set (Exo Force) which took him about 2 1/2 hours and he is right to work on the Bionicle set and had one other one to do. He also bought a Bionicle board game. No varying in interests with this boy. He really does have a one-track mind… it’s 3:30 and he hasn’t had breakfast or lunch yet… too interested in his new stuff.

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Eden looked around for awhile, saw a lot of cute things and then saw Amazing Amanda. She sees this doll on TV all the time. I told her she wouldn’t be able to get anything else (cause the doll is $100) if she got her, and she didn’t care. She was so excited. It has kept her quite busy today, only we are weirded out because she grunts on the potty then makes the sound of poop splashing into water. It’s um… gross.

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And while I’ve got you here, here is an opportunity that you really should try for. A good buddy of mine and talented designer, Christine Smith, is expanding her creative team and looking for a few news girls (not sure how many). I use a lot of Christine’s designs on my own pages and she is a truly sweet and kind and wonderful person. Here’s some more info… deadline is Nov. 17th!

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