Boys and Girls…

So, Eden has a preschool admirer. I guess after the first day this boy went home and talked about Eden. Since then I’ve noticed him following her and observed some cute behavoir between the two of them. Friday Eden was sitting on the circle rug next to ‘her girls’ and one of the girls got up to do the weather chart, and this boy races over and takes her stop next to Eden, grinning at her from ear to ear. SO CUTE! Then later, during snack, they were sitting next to each other, and Eden decided to move her seat so she was sitting at the same table as me. The boy hops up, abandons his snack, and pulls a chair up next to her. The boys at the other table start calling him, “Come sit at the boy’s table!” He shakes his head no and I say, “Aww… he wants to sit at the GIRLS table.” And he says, “No. I just want to sit next to Eden. ” AND EDEN CONFIDENTLY SAYS, “He loves me.”

And here’s a little preview of an upcoming kit… you’ll see the whole thing soon!

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