4-Year-Old’s Commentary on the Crucifiction

Now, let me preface this by saying that we are very open with our children about the life of Christ and our spritual walks. But kids are still kids and only seem to retain certain pieces of information correctly. Like what time Lilo & Stitch comes on.

In the van yesterday…

Eden, looking through a bible sticker book and trying to figure out the story by the pictures: Mom, he looks really sad. He’s sad because that guy is about to poke him in the butt. Look.

Me: I can’t look, honey. I’m driving.

Eden: Oh. Well, he looks really sad. And that other guy looks mad at him, and he’s sad because that guy is going to die him.

Me: Kill him?

Eden: Yeah. Look

Me: I can’t look. I’m driving. Do you want me to crash into something?

Eden: Oh. Well he sure looks sad. And he’s hanging on that… piece of wood.

Me: The cross?

Eden: Yeah. And he’s sad because he has those pokey things in his hair.

Me: That’s called the Crown of Thorns.

Eden: Oh.

Me: Do you remember why Jesus died on the cross?

Eden: Yeah. For all the bad things we do.

At least she got the most important thing right 😉

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