Shopping finds!

You know how when you go shopping you have to come home and show your friends all the cool things you found? Well, I couldn’t sleep last night and did some middle-of-the-night shopping. So indulge me…

Found these AWESOME notebooks by Vera Lim at Plain Digital Wrapper. Vera recently started selling her designs at The Digi Chick as well. Keep an eye on this girl!
Image Hosted by

And Jen Wilson’s ONE-derful Wednesday deal gave me this really pretty kit for $1.00. Also picked up the elements to the Meaning 02 kit for the contest. I can’t say it enough. This girl ROCKS.
Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by

And I picked up my first digital product at 2Peas. I’ve been eyeing these brushes forever… aren’t they adorable?
Image Hosted by

So, lots of stuff to play with. Expect to see lots of layouts soon 🙂

I just finished up an ADORABLE Halloween kit that you are going to LOVE… but still have to wait a month for. Tee hee. Here’s a little teaser:
Image Hosted by

STILL WAITING ANXIOUSLY for the MMM calls. Has anyone heard ANYTHING?


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