Flying out to Colorado tomorrow morning (earlycoffeetooearlycoffeecoffeecoffee) and will be back late Friday. Doing laundry today, stocking the iPod, charging camera batteries. Just bought The Chicks ‘Taking the Long Way’ and Jewel’s ‘Goodbye Alice in Wonderland’. Any other Jewel fans that just never did buy ‘0304’? I kept looking at it, playing the sound clips, telling myself that I could get into her new thing. But I just never did. So glad to see my girl get back to what she’s good at. Good acoustics, sweet voice, ahhh… All her albums bring me back to another sweet time of my life. ‘Pieces of You’ is me right out of high school, working 9 to 5 and hanging out with good friends the rest of the day. Sharing a room with my sister for the last time ever. Meeting John and talking at Big Boy till 5am. ‘Spirit’ is when I became a mom. Dealing with Johnny’s sickness, being a stay-at-home person, making a home out of our tiny one-bedroom apartment. ‘This Way’ is being in our first house, trying to make it liveable, being pregnant with Eden, being sick, being a mommy on a classic American street and meeting new neighbors and friends. Always her sweet voice streaming through my house, traveling with me in my cars and vans, plugged into my ears. I don’t listen to a lot of non-christian music, because it always seems to be lacking something for me, or has a distorted version of a truth that I am already very familier with. But not my girl Jewel. She is just RIGHT ON and speaks about women being strong and real and themselves and dreamers.

I am rambling. Better go check the dryer.


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