This is why…

This is why I can’t imagine ever having a job (outside of my house). It’s just not for me. I would miss mornings like this:

I woke up today to a cool, humid breeze blowing through my bedroom window, the garbage truck making its way down the street, thunder rumbling way off in the distance and the cat sitting on one of my feet. I was laying there thinking about what we were going to do today; the second week of the summer reading program at the library, hitting the gym, playing outside. Then I remembered that I was practically out of coffee. I might have enough for one small pot. I start envisioning myself shaking every last ground out of the bag and I feel a little panicky. And then Eden bursts into my room, “Mom! The garbage truck is here!” This is apparently second to Christmas for her. She crawls up in bed with me and tortures the cat who leaves in terror. Then she snuggles me and I tell her how some people say that when it’s thundering that God is moving his furniture, or bowling. This is hysterical to an almost-four-year old. I have just scored major points. The rain starts to come down and I decide we should sit on the front porch. We head down there and Johnny is already playing games on the computer but decides to join us… so we sit like a couple of porch monkeys; all in our jammies and messy hair, the kids with their snuggle blankets and Eden with a can of Pizza Pringles. Johnny opens his mouth whenever thunder strikes to pretend that he is giving out one gigantic belch. A young girl walks down the sidewalk huddled under an umbrella. We wave. It is the babysitter to some of Johnny’s friends down the street. He wonders why they have a babysitter. “Well, Cameron and Steven’s dad works during the day, and their mom works all night and has to sleep during the day. So they need someone to keep an eye on them.” He says, “Oh. She’s knock turtle” I say, “What?” He says again, “She’s knock turtle.” I say, “Oh. She’s NOCTURNAL.”


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