Working on Johnny’s Photo Book

Seriously have never scrapped this many pages of my son before. Which is sad, really. Isn’t it? I have really enjoyed working on these pages for him. He’s really quite fun to photograph and record and create for.

Image Hosted by
Wanted to try a totally b/w page. Kinda like this.

Image Hosted by
Using Jen Wilson’s Urban Bohemian. Seriously rockin’ colors here, ladies. Also dealing with some emotions I’m not quite sure how to express. Because of my mental issues I’m a little paranoid about my children’s moods. Esp. this boys. He is most-often down and depressed. He is only seven. I worry.

Image Hosted by
ACK! Brand new Jen Wilson kit! Genuine Swing. Buy it, buy it now.

Image Hosted by
Another page using Genuine Swing. When I first looked at this kit I was sure I would only use it for girly themed pages. But it’s quite versatile!

Image Hosted by
I know. More Jen stuff.

Image Hosted by
How boyish is this page??? Used Jan Crowley’s Hip Cat kit… you’d never believe she has 3 girls.


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