New layouts…

Here’s some stuff I’ve been working on over the last week. Having lots of fun creating pages!

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I used the May De-Zine kit from The Digi Chick for this one. It was so perfect for the content of this page, lol!

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I love the colors of this kit by my girl, Jan Crowley. So boyish and perfect. Also used Christine Smith’s AWESOME alpha stamps. I am using them like crazy! Also added in one of Laura’s frames… still lovin’ those babies. If you haven’t picked them up yet they are a MUST… you’ll use ’em over and over and over.

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Played around with some overlay and blending modes to achieve the effects on this photo. It was a cute pose by her, but the actual photo was very bland and washed-out. I like how it turned out! I used my new Cold Pizza, Hot Coffee kit, as well as Laura’s frame (surprise, surprise), as well as a couple journaling strips from my Teacher Let the Monkeys Out.

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Love, love, love this page because it tells a typical story of my Johnny who I love with my life. He is soooo quirky and loveable and unique (and frustrating). Used my Cold Pizza, Hot Coffee kit and those fab stamps by Christine.

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Ok, one more kit using Cold Pizza, Hot Coffee (which I am getting tired of typing out, btw). When I see her stretched out over these two chairs I can’t believe how tall and big and grown-up this girl is getting to be. Oy!

On another note, today is Johnny’s first day of Summer Vacation… yay! I so love having him home and spending time with my kids TOGETHER. We’re getting ready to head to the gym (he loves the Kids Klub there because they have Playstation and different games than we do) and picking up Sky High to watch later. It’s a beautiful day for riding bikes and sitting on thr porch. I’m REALLY enjoying this season this year.


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