Tiny parts of a day…

When I’m fighting depression it helps to break my day down into tiny little pieces, to recognize the small, elemental things that make up a whole day. Mind you, this is not serious depression, it’s very mild… but it’s dragging on and on. Getting meds straightened out and talking to John about my feelings, but still it takes time. Today I:

  • wore my favorite jeans even though they have a hole in the crotch
  • tried a new cookie recipe because John loves super soft sugar cookies
  • rented High School Musical and an animated version of The Hobbitt that I grew up watching
  • presented Eden with her first cup of coffee (1 part coffee, 10 parts milk, 2 parts flavored cream)
  • scrapped two digital layouts
  • applied eyeliner
  • was suckered into buying a magazine subscription from a door-to-door point-collecting college kid
  • bought organic butter
  • checked the mail
  • folded laundry
  • played ‘kitty’ with a persistent almost-four-year-old

Life is ok. It’s never perfect, but I get through it. And I like doing all of these things (well, except for the kitty part) and really, that’s all that life is anyway. These tiny parts, strung into days, which are strung into weeks and so on and so forth and so on…


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