Other Chicks (not of the digi variety)…

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Will you be buying the new Dixie Chicks CD? You know, I was angry (ok, not angry, but hurt anyway) that they were so disrespectful to the president of our nation. And I hear that there are some questionable views on their new album (Not Ready to Make Nice). But the bottom-line is that they are beautiful and smart and their voices are hot. I love their songs and their talent and, even though they’re being banned left & right I’m sure I’ll be heading out soon to pick up this disk. Or at least download a few tunes to my MP3.

update: I just watched the Not Ready to Make Nice video on YouTube and, while I’m not music-video watcher and really can’t give an educated opinion on the subject, it is the most striking video I’ve ever seen. I loved it. I actually really enjoy this song, but not as it pertains to said event (though I remember Natalie once saying that the song is general, not necessarily specific to the president incident).

Here’s my opinion of her statement of being ashamed of our president: I am a Bush supporter, but that is not why it upset me. I fully believe in the respect of our leaders. Respect doesn’t mean that you agree with everything the man does… it means that you recognize his place as our leader. I have nothing nice to say about our previous president, Bill Clinton, but I force myself to remain respectul. Because God has commanded us to be under the authority of our leaders. It means that I trust that God is in control and that I have a duty to uphold and pray for our countries leaders. My children will not always agree with me (hey, the’re only 7 and 3 and it’s already happening) and when they’re teenagers they may even hate me. But I will command respect. It’s not a ‘feeling’… it’s an action that you chose. It’s about being in control of your life and yourself.

So there. You can disagree with President Bush, you can even hate him. But he deserves your respect.


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