Diva in Training…

ok, so here’s how the last week has been going in reguards to my new resolve concerning my home… some things I have been doing:

  • declutting my livingroom/diningroom at least once a day. instead of putting all the kids stuff away myself, i’ve been putting Eden’s stuff on one step and Johnny’s on another and making them do it themselves. of course this has resulted in HUGE complaints from said children. they are 7 and almost-4. they can do this.
  • cleaning the kitchen after dinner EVERY night. this is something i usually do anyway, but it’s nice to remember that this is part of a routine i set up 2 years ago, and that it still works. after that is done i head to the basement and rotate the laundry, folding and putting away a load if necessary.
  • going to the gym almost everyday. this is sooooooooooo good for my mood and body. this is not just about maintaining my home, but also about maintaining and respecting my temple. i come home energized and ready to tackle my daily tasks, and actually ENJOY doing them.
  • bought a Swiffer Duster. I used these a long time ago, but they have majorally improved them with the wand attachment. i was like that lady on the commercial, dancing around and dusting, lol! what normally takes me 20 minutes of dusting only took me 5. cool

So things are going well. What I really need to get organized is my calender and appointments and all that stuff. I’m always missing appointments and forgetting to turn Johnny’s school stuff in on time. Makes me look dumb.

Oh, I also bought a new dustpan to replace the missing one (actually, it’s no longer missing. I found it in the basement coated with cat poo.) Is it really sad that this was fun an a little exciting? I came home and showed to John with pride… I had actually purchased something that will be used to clean my home.

He didn’t get it.


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