Housekeeping Diva

This is what I have decided to be. While watching my girlfriend’s kids last night, I picked up this book of hers:
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I am totally inspired! I don’t consider myself a ‘bad’ housekeeper, but I’m not great at it, that’s for sure. I know I used to be, when we lived in tiny apartments and I had nothing better to do. But now I live in a house that is easily 3x the size of our apartments and have 2 children and a dog and a cat and playgroup and school obligations and more laundry than I ever dreamed possible. And I’m just NOT organized.

The thing is, I crave organization, but this little part of me is afraid to do it, because I’m afraid people will think I’m ‘uptight’ or that I think my home is better than theirs. This is a totally new revelation to me. When I start spending time with someone who keeps a messy home, my own home and my own routines get sloppier. I want to be on the same level as everyone else… but sometimes that means compromising what is my true nature. And well, that can’t be right.

So I was at my new friend Stacy’s house yesterday, and she is very organized. Not a neat freak, not a cleaning nut, but very organized. She had color-coded keys in her cabinet, cups and bowls and plates perfectly stacked and arranged, scrapbook albums chronologically arranged, a calender on her fridge filled with all her dates and appointments clearly labeled.

I am impressed.

And she doesn’t brag about it, nor seem embaressed or apologetic about it. She just IS what she IS and it makes her comfortable.

THAT is what I want to be like.

So I decided last night that I LOVE a lot of the ideas in that book, and I’m already very familier with the Flylady philosophy (and keep up with a lot of my routines) and I want to improve my home. I don’t want John to have to dig through the dryer 3 mornings in a row looking for clean t-shirts, or start wandering around the kitchen at 5:30 because I don’t know what to feed my family or realize that the dustpan has been gone for 2 weeks and I never even realized it was missing.

Of course Johnny woke up puking last night, and Eden has diarrhea this morning and it feels as though the forces are against me. I am still going to start working at it!


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