Eggs hunts and such…

I had such a FULL, happy week last week, which (if you know me at all) is nothing short of a miracle. You know how you just have to decide sometimes to take your life by the horns and make it work for you? I spent a lot of time with friends who love me, cooked my favorite foods, watched movies, took photos, kept the laptop closed. Smiled, slept, lived.

Here’s the kids at the La-Z-Boy Easter Egg Hunt. I think we were there all of 20 minutes. Much different than years past… waiting patiently while the kids toddled around and gathered eggs and dodged the big kids. Now they ARE the big kids. Weird how that happens.

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Packing up the van tomorrow for our roadtrip to Tennessee to spend Easter with John’s mom and step-dad. This will be the second year we’ve done this with John’s sister and her family. It is mui fun. Can’t wait. Last year I was NOT in a good place. I had just started therapy and re-started medication. I was so depressed I could barely carry-on a conversation and I slept every chance I could get. Pretty hard to keep your demons a private and personal matter under such condititions. And while I am slipping into a bit of a rocky place, I’m still MUCH, MUCH better than I was last year. Which means I’ll enjoy all the girl-talk and the cooking and the kids under-foot and the endless hours in the van.

Bring it, baby.


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