The 21 Challenge

I’m not usually the hop-on-the-bandwagon type of girl, but Rhonna is hosting a 21 day challenge (to break or make a habit) and offering prompts each day. And I’ve had something that I’d like to develop into a ‘habit’, so I decided to jump in and do it. I won’t follow the prompts and I might not get to sit down and journal everyday, but I’m doing it. I debated about wether or not to post my journal entries… and decided in favor of it for a couple of reasons. 1. I’m alllllllllllllways saying that the only reason we’re here on earth is to communicate with each other. So I’m talking and sharing about myself, and you can listen if you want to. 2. I’m a totally flawed, growing, stumbling and stretching Christian. If I get the chance to encourage at least one person, I’m happy.

My goal? Or arise before my family… to spend time in prayer and time in The Word… to see what happens.

Now, prepare yourself for what I do when no one is ‘watching’ (ie. when I’m not creating layouts that are going to end up in a scrap gallery). These pages are rough and messy and not very pretty. But it’s Val at her most Val-iness.

Love to all!

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