Kids are weird…

Johnny is off school this week for Winter Break (yeah, I know. We only had one day off for Winter Break when I was little. These kids are SPOILED!) so I decided to be a fun mommy and surprise the kids with a trip to the movie theater yesterday. While driving down there I played a little guessing game with them as to where we were going.

Me: We can have a snack there.
Johnny: A big new gas station?
M: No. You can sit down there.
J: A resteraunt?
M: No.
J: A brand new resteraunt?
M: No.
J: A farm?
M: No. You have to be kind of quiet there.
J: The library!
M: No, you can’t eat snacks at the library.
J: Oh. A train station?
M: No. It will be kind of dark.
J: Someone’s house with the lights off?
M: No. The seats fold up.
J: (exasperated) Well I give up. These don’t match up to anything!
M: Think about it… where can we go where you can sit in a seat that folds up and eat a snack?
J: … to the theater to see Hoodwinked!!!!!!

Ahh… good work, Grasshopper.

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