Weekend 10 List

1. Pizza Hut
(quite possibly the longest time we’ve ever had to wait for food. We had to talk John into going there in the first place… don’t think we’ll ever get him to go back)
2. snuggling in bed and watcing Alex & Emma
3. lots of scrapping and Innocence Mission
4. diningroom table shopping
(drug the kids around to 4 different furniture store on Sat… they were NOT happy)
5. Waiting
6. tacos with LOTS of guacamole and hot sauce (oh baby)
7. more table shopping (this time with a purchase, only our chairs are just a little different)
8. Applebees (hmm… it appears we ate a lot this weekend)
9. lots of Mario Kart again
10. Grey’s Anatomy (if you missed it, it was AWESOME stuff)

Also, the Monday Blog Challenge is up… it’s a fun one!


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