Weekend 10 List

I haven’t done this in awhile… thought it would be fun 🙂

1. sugar cookies
I’ve been called to be extra-neighborly to a family on our street that no one likes. This week I got one of their Christmas cards in the mail. I made a plate of Christmas cookies and brought it over there on Sunday. Boy, are they a friendly couple!
2. Dukes of Hazzard
Fun movie. Needed more Jessica in it.
3. Christmas carols at church
We exchanged our usual praise&worship songs this week for traditional Christmas carols… cool.
4. sledding!
Fun, fun, fun! (till Eden wiped-out)
5. lasagna
6. Cheaper by the Dozen
I totally dig this movie… esp. when I get to nap the last half of it away.
7. Christmas shopping
8. no housework
This place is a freakin’ wreck. I’ll avoid it today be doing some more Christmas shopping.
9. King Kong
A MUST SEE. I haven’t cried that hard during a movie since Finding Neverland.
10. gift wrapping


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