~Monday BLOG Challenge~

Why I scrapbook… a few thoughts from a girl who has many.

I scrapbook because I am a natural-born writer who has to record the world around her in order to survive. My children, my husband, my life, my dog, the shows I watch, the food I eat are my world. So I must record them. Maybe some day my great-grandchildren will find it boring as hell. Maybe some day, a hundred years from now, my scrapbook pages will be research for a jr. high student’s assignment. Maybe my house will burn down and all that hard work will go up in flames (lord, I hope not). I guess time will tell.

I scrapbook because I like to pretend I have the artistic gene that runs throughout my family. I can’t create a thought-provoking painting or a wall mural like Melody can. I can’t compose my own little ditty and strum a guitar like Stephanie can. But I can flip words around like flapjacks and arrange papers and photos, paint and ribbons, frames and buttons so they look pretty. So I do what I can.

I scrapbook because I am so head-over-heels in love with my children that I want to remember every little thing that they do. Their sayings, their hobbies, the way they look first thing in the morning. Someday they’ll be gone and it’ll just be John and I sitting here staring at one another… and when that gets old I’ll run for the scrapbooks and weep and laugh and remember. And then I’ll start scrapping my grandchildren.


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