The cattiness of this industry never fails to amaze me. Apparently some people have nothing better to do than to pick apart someone who annoyed them. People annoy me a lot… I let it roll off me and get on with my own life.

Fact #1: The Digi Chick IS an up-scale boutique.

Fact #2: The Digi Chick IS much different than Scrap Outside the Box. (Better? Maybe not. Better for me? Yes.)

Fact #3: I am allowed to have my own opinions… yup, it’s true. You might not like them, you might disagree with them completely, but that’s because you’re entitled to your own opinions as well. What I said was not rude, nasty or malicious. It was my own opinion, stated at a time when I was very excited about my new venture. That is the point of my (and most people’s) blogs in the first place… self-expression.

So, Andrea, if you read this or catch wind of it… I am very sorry your feelings were hurt (assuming that they were). You were nothing but kind and helpful to me when I was a brand new seller and didn’t have a CLUE what I was doing. You are running a fantastic site and I see it mentioned all over the net. I never meant anything bad about SOTB or, by default, you. Not at all. Please take this apology, it is very sincere.

And for the rest of you, please do not leave mean, anonymous comments on my blog. I do not appreciate that kind of negativity in my space. Please stop emailing me. I’m sure you have much better and greater things to do with your time. Please stop gossiping about me. I am only one, small, lesser-known person who is not worth your time.

Peace, chica’s.


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